Cessna 140

Poorly polished over 6 years

Polished January 2024 with Purple Metal Polish

Vertical Stabilizer not polished yet


Blaze Johnson

Here are some pics of the before and after! I am sooo amazed at the ease of use! The aluminum deoxidizer and purple metal polish is amazing. Like ya said, it’s not elbow grease and it doesn’t take hardly any rubbing! I love it!

Thanks again!
Blaze Johnson
Lincoln, NE

Scotty Phillips

For over 25 years, I’ve worked on aircraft. Currently, I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work on the T6-A Texan II for the Air Force Demonstration Team. I’ve used just about every product on the market to shine the stainless steel and aluminum on our aircraft. Recently, I was turned on to Purple Metal Polish. Nothing–and I mean nothing–works like this stuff! I know truckers use this product (one turned me on to it) so I know they trust it. If it’s good enough for them, It’s good enough for a $4.2 million aircraft in front of 100,000 people on the weekends. See you at the airshows! Just look for the shine!

Scotty Phillips
T6-A Texan II Crew Chief
Retired U.S.A.F

Your M-Ron Glass is beyond belief! simply put…the best ever…anywhere! I have a black jeep and it loves it! I also use the Spray and Shine and the metal polish too. So glad you came up with such incredible products……….all others pale in comparison….Again, Thanks

Donald Pintacura
Sarasota, FL

Nick Robinson

Here is the picture of my sled after I was done. I love this polish so much better.

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products! I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to take the crap off of my diamond plate on my truck. Then one day I went into my Peterbilt dealership and found your product, and let me tell you it is the best thing ever invented and took the oxidation right off and the “Purple Metal Polish” made my diamond plate shine like a mirror. I used to use turtle wax, black magic, etc. From now on the only products I will use for my trucks is California Customs products….absolutely the best ever products made!!!

Thanks a million,
Nick Robinson

CEO Cannon Motorsports To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making an excellent product. I’ve been detailing cars for over 6 years now and I’ve never dealt with a metal polish that worked as well as yours. I recently installed a set of Mickey Thompson Classic II wheels on my Yukon and quickly found out what the snow and salt does to a set of aluminum wheels even when they are well taken care of. I’ve attached a few pictures for you that you are more than welcome to use in hopefully leading more people to your great product line. Thanks again.
This finish was achieved by using your aluminum deoxidizer and purple metal polish.Ross Cannon
CEO Cannon Motorsports

Rodney A. Whitecotton

To California Custom
Your metal polish is the best I have found. I take care of our Fire Trucks(7). It really shines we done. The rescue unit we have is mostly diamondplate.
It is so easy to use. Just wanted to say that the metal polish works good.


Rodney A. Whitecotton
Peterson Fire Department
Peterson Iowa, 51047

Dan Parent

Dear Sir,
I purchased your M-Ron Glass from Mr. Russ Brown at the Car Craft Summer Nationals in St. Paul MN recently. Mr. Brown had applied the wax in the sun to a display vehicle and I was so impressed that I bought the product and applied it to my car while on display! I could not believe how great this product was. At least 20 people stopped me to ask why I was waxing the car in the sun, I simply had to show them how the M-Ron Glass worked and many of them rushed right for the booth to purchase their own!

I have attached a couple of pictures to show others the kind of shine you can get. (My car had not been washed in two weeks either!)

Thank you for such a great product!

Dan Parent
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Kent and Carol Matuszak Garland Texas

Your Products make our MARMON shine like a star! Love Em’!

Kent and Carol Matuszak
Garland Texas

Alan Moore

I consider myself to be very skeptical. When something seems “too good to be true,” I always raise a red flag. After speaking with a customer and hearing the rave reviews she gave the product and seeing the money back guarantee, I decided it was worth a try. I now say, “Why didn’t I buy this product sooner?” I am simply amazed is the only way to put it. I applied the Aluminum Deoxidizer very minimally then I applied the Purple Metal Polish over the whole area. I hadn’t even rubbed much yet and could see a shine showing through! After approximately 10 minutes, I had a result better with these products than any other product after an hour of use.

My Alcoa wheels are about 8 years old. I had previously used another brand of polish and was pleased with the results considering the age of the rims. Now, after using these wonderful products, I will NEVER go back to anything else.

Ease of application, fantastic results, great customer reviews, and a company that stands by its products are GREAT selling points. Thank you for such wonderful service and products!

Alan Moore
Port Norris, New Jersey

Sherri Paya

Why didn’t I know about your Aluminum Deoxidizer and Purple Metal Polish sooner? My Weld wheels were what I considered ruined by someone who “helped me out” and washed my truck, only to use a product on my tires and wheels that left them dull and white-streaked. The products worked very well on my diamond plate as well. What wonderful products!

Sherri Paya
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Carmen Deicke

Thanks for the products! This truck is my baby and I use a lot of your products on it.

Carmen Deicke
Danbury, Connecticut

I was rubbing and rubbing and getting nowhere. I asked the Peterbilt dealer what they used or sold to keep the shine on the chrome and the wheels. The mechanic said to try the Purple Metal Polish. I did and fell in love. I drive about 75,000 miles a year and try to keep my truck looking good, and now I can. Thanks! I will be buying all of your products.

Daniel Durkin
Ambler, Pennsylvania

Steve Williams

I have been using M-Ron Glass for a few years now. Excellent product! I have used it (and still do) on the trucks I drive as well as my own personal cars. I have never come across a product that is so easy to apply and produces such remarkable results.

I love the lift M-Ron Glass gives to the finish of my recently restored
1934 Chevy Roadster (pictured).


Steve Williams
Sydney, Australia

My stepson and I polish semis as a side job and we will use no other polish than yours. Your polish is the easiest working polish available, and we have tried several others.

Robert Fagin
Scappoose, Oregon

Randy Stone

Dear Mr. Roger Fayman,

My truck is a 1999 T-800 Kenworth. I haul hazardous and non-hazardous waste for Inland Waters Pollution Control in Detroit, MI, so you can imagine the dirt my truck encounters. Your products save me half the time and energy of other products. They make my truck look like I just drove it off the showroom floor. My boss is extremely proud of the way my truck looks. I also have your products to thank for placing 2nd and 3rd in two truck shows in St. Ignace, MI. When people ask me what I use to keep my truck looking new, I proudly show them the California Custom bottle. I have wasted so much money trying other products; now, I won’t use anything else. The products also work great on my personal vehicles and around the house. Thanks again for such trustworthy products!

Randy Stone
Taylor, Michigan

I can not believe what great products I stumbled upon! I found your website purely by accident while browsing one day–not even looking for a wheel polish.

I bought your Aluminum Deoxidizer and Purple Metal Polish based on your testimonials and talking to your representatives on the phone. I had not polished my truck wheels for over two years because I dreaded the four-hour chore that usually resulted in unsatisfactory results.

I was TOTALLY blown away at how easily and how well your products worked. I did each wheel in fewer than fifteen minutes and they are shining like new! WOW!! Thank you for giving me my beautiful wheels and part of my life back! Great products! You have a customer for life!

Craig Newlin
Lakewood, California

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with your products. I have never been one to praise any particular product or service, but you guys definitely deserve it! Finally–a company makes claims about its products that are actually true. Your Aluminum Deoxidizer and Purple Metal Polish work like magic. I could not believe it was that fast and easy! I have used countless aluminum polishing pastes, creams, and liquids, and have never seen results like those your products produced. Your cleaning products have restored my aluminum wheels back to their original shine!

A very satisfied customer,

Tone Gonzales
Dallas, Texas

Donald Zuleyer

Just sending a note along to tell you how pleased I am with your product

I use it on all three of my black cars and I am very pleased with it. I recommend it to everybody. Here is a small picture of one of my cars!

Donald Zuleyer
Medford, Wisconsin

I have been using Purple Metal Polish, M-Ron Glass, LVC, and Spray Shine for over a year. I love all of them! They are the best products I have found! I can use Purple Metal Polish on all of my metals including aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. This certainly beats spending a small fortune on various polishes and cleaners for all of the metals.

I have a tri-axle dump truck and we are always in dirt and sand. LVC does not attract dust like some other products I have used. The Purple Metal Polish does not attract dust and seems to prevent the discoloration of my rims unlike other metal polishes.

Donna Ennis
Eden, Maryland

Ken Ruff

The Purple Metal Polish is great at taking the buffer marks off of my aluminum. Nothing else I have used works half as well. The M-Ron Deep Clean is a miracle-worker on paint.

Ken Ruff
Overbrook, Kansas

Mark S
Ft. Myers FL

Comments: I recently received a bottle of the M-Ron Glass from a neighbor to try on my new Corvette, it is dark gray in color and worked amazingly!!!. I look forward to getting my own supply so that I may pass it forward as well. Thanks M-Ron Glass Spray Shine

Josh McC
Addison PA

Comments: Great stuff!! I love it!! Purple Metal Polish

Lynn S
Steel Guitar West
Damascus OR

Comments: These two products of yours are the best I’ve found and I have sent numerous folks your way to try them out for themselves! Purple Metal Polish M-Ron Glass

Dean S
Stafford VA

Comments: Absolutely the best polish I have used. Appreciate you guys. Aluminum Deoxidizer Purple Metal Polish

Can T
Subject: My experience Hi there, I have purchased your Aluminum Deoxidiser and Purple Metal Polish form ebay and I wanted to tell my experience about these products. First of all I used the products for my wheels.I was trying to polish them in last 2 years but it was not the shine that I want.When I used the products I couldnt believe my eyes.In 5 minutes my wheels shined like a diamond. Thank you so much for making a good quality product.

Pamela L
Rockland MA

Comments: WOW! My 11yr, old horse trailer diamond front mud guard and running boards , look like the day I drove it off the dealers lot! I am selling this trailer and your products did such an outstanding job on everything. Thank You sooooo much! I am a more than happy customer!!! Pam Aluminum Deoxidizer Purple Metal Polish

Mike H
M&H Plumbing
West Bend WI

Comments: no PMP; have plenty already!(best metal polish ever!) LVC Leather Vinyl Conditioner M-Ron Deep Clean Spray Shine M-Ron Glass Aluminum Deoxidizer

Michael R
South Boston VA

Comments: Great stuff. Use it on my chrome rims and chrome out engine on my 1980 GMC Caballero + my rims on my 2012 Camaro Convertible. Purple Metal Polish

Rendondo Beach CA


Edward O W
Grand Island FL

Comments: I used my 2oz sample today and I loved it…The florida sun only helped it…..Had to give your email address to all my car club members….. M-Ron Deep Clean Purple Metal Polish M-Ron Glass

Donald A. B
Waterford WI

Comments: A friend gave me a bottle of this product to try and now I am hooked! M-Ron Glass

Dylan S
Coudersport PA

Comments: Thanks for making a great product! M-Ron Glass Purple Metal Polish

David D
Monroeville PA

Comments: This wax and polish is the best I ever worked with. THANKS M-Ron Glass Purple Metal Polish

Thanks from the PVFD line officers
Putnam Valley NY

Comments: These products are by far the best we have used yet.as you may know on Fire apparatus there is an abundance of Diamond plate and it is tough to keep clean and rejuvenate this stuff works wonders. Purple Metal Polish Aluminum Deoxidizer M-Ron Glass

Ray S
Friendswood TX

Comments: This is the best metal polish I have ever used and my first bottle is empty now and none of the other polishes even come close to working as good as Purple Metal Polish.. Thank You for such a great product. Purple Metal Polish

Vaughn M
Springfield OH

Comments: Best product I have ever used, hands down. I love cars, always had nice cars, lookers. You guys are great. Got my friends using it too. Thank You !!!! Purple Metal Polish Spray Shine

Don K
Clifton NJ 07013

Comments: You have a great product ,this is the 3rd time order .I will recommend your product to everyone I now , thank you ,Don M-Ron Glass Spray Shine LVC Leather Vinyl Conditioner