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Clearcoat Cleaner and Wax is not your ordinary wax. It is a CLEANER & WAX so you are not waxing over a dirty surface or getting a waxy build up. That’s why Clearcoat Cleaner and Wax gives you such an AMAZING SHINE! Because of how this works, we recommend to our customers that once applied; let it sit and bake in the sun for 30 minutes or longer. You will get a deeper shine and a higher luster than you would if you were to apply it and take it off right away. It will NEVER bake itself to the surface!

Clearcoat Cleaner and Wax is 100% CLEAR COAT SAFE and CAN BE APPLIED IN DIRECT SUN LIGHT. Even on a HOT black surface you can literally DUST off the residue. It ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT STICK! It can be used on ALL types of surfaces. It WILL NOT streak, haze or leave swirl marks even after repeated use. There are NO ABRASIVES, NO SILICONE, NO AMMONIA, and NO FILLERS in this product. It is strictly a cleaner and wax.

Clearcoat Cleaner and Wax CLEANS and ADDS LIFE to your finish, while protecting the surface with the finest available Pure #1 Carnauba wax that seals and protects with a CRYSTAL CLEAR SHINE.

Clearcoat Cleaner and Wax removes light oxidation. It is INCREDIBLE on black and other dark colors. Also try it on chrome, glass, stainless, plastic, and gold or silver plating. It removes bugs, tar, tree sap, soap stains and road film.

A 12 oz. bottle will cover 6 to 10 automobiles. For big-rigs – a 12 oz. bottle will cover a tractor with a 110″ double walk-in sleeper, PLUS a 48′, 102″ wide trailer, stem to stern.

Because we don’t use any silicone in this product, ONLY a Pure #1 Carnauba wax, you can expect anywhere from 1 to 3 months durability. We don’t claim to have mega high durability. What we DO CLAIM is to thoroughly CLEAN the surface each time applied and give you a SHINE you won’t believe.

If you tell people how this product works without being able to show them, they will call you a liar. IT’S TOO COOL!

StarDavid Dudo I love California Custom products. It’s all I use on my truck. I’ve used many different waxes and polishes over the last 20 years on my trucks and personal cars. The M-ron Glass wax really works great on my black pickup truck, and it’s hard to find products that work well on black without leaving marks or swirls, etc. I even have my wife using these products on our cars now. I love your products, thank you.