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I was rubbing and rubbing and getting nowhere. I asked the Peterbilt dealer what they used or sold to keep the shine on the chrome and the wheels. The mechanic said to try the Purple Metal Polish. I did and fell in love. I drive about 75,000 miles a year and try to keep my truck looking good, and now I can. Thanks! I will be buying all of your products.

Daniel Durkin
Ambler, Pennsylvania

I have been using M-Ron Glass for a few years now.  Excellent product!  I have used it (and still do) on the trucks I drive as well as my own personal cars.  I have never come across a product that is so easy to apply and produces such remarkable results.

I love the lift M-Ron Glass gives to the finish of my recently restored 
1934 Chevy Roadster (pictured).


Steve Williams
Sydney, Australia

My stepson and I polish semis as a side job and we will use no other polish than yours. Your polish is the easiest working polish available, and we have tried several others.

Robert Fagin
Scappoose, Oregon

Dear Mr. Roger Fayman,

My truck is a 1999 T-800 Kenworth. I haul hazardous and non-hazardous waste for Inland Waters Pollution Control in Detroit, MI, so you can imagine the dirt my truck encounters. Your products save me half the time and energy of other products. They make my truck look like I just drove it off the showroom floor. My boss is extremely proud of the way my truck looks. I also have your products to thank for placing 2nd and 3rd in two truck shows in St. Ignace, MI. When people ask me what I use to keep my truck looking new, I proudly show them the California Custom bottle. I have wasted so much money trying other products; now, I won't use anything else. The products also work great on my personal vehicles and around the house. Thanks again for such trustworthy products!

Randy Stone
Taylor, Michigan

I can not believe what great products I stumbled upon! I found your website purely by accident while browsing one day--not even looking for a wheel polish.

I bought your Aluminum Deoxidizer and Purple Metal Polish based on your testimonials and talking to your representatives on the phone. I had not polished my truck wheels for over two years because I dreaded the four-hour chore that usually resulted in unsatisfactory results.

I was TOTALLY blown away at how easily and how well your products worked. I did each wheel in fewer than fifteen minutes and they are shining like new! WOW!! Thank you for giving me my beautiful wheels and part of my life back! Great products! You have a customer for life!

Craig Newlin
Lakewood, California

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with your products. I have never been one to praise any particular product or service, but you guys definitely deserve it! Finally--a company makes claims about its products that are actually true. Your Aluminum Deoxidizer and Purple Metal Polish work like magic.  I could not believe it was that fast and easy! I have used countless aluminum polishing pastes, creams, and liquids, and have never seen results like those your products produced. Your cleaning products have restored my aluminum wheels back to their original shine!

A very satisfied customer,

Tone Gonzales
Dallas, Texas

Just sending a note along to tell you  how pleased I am with your product

I use it on all three of my black cars and I am very pleased with it. I recommend it to everybody. Here is a small picture of one of my cars!

Donald Zuleyer
Medford, Wisconsin

I have been using Purple Metal Polish, M-Ron Glass, LVC, and Spray Shine for over a year. I love all of them!  They are the best products I have found! I can use Purple Metal Polish on all of my metals including aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. This certainly beats spending a small fortune on various polishes and cleaners for all of the metals.

I have a tri-axle dump truck and we are always in dirt and sand. LVC does not attract dust like some other products I have used. The Purple Metal Polish does not attract dust and seems to prevent the discoloration of my rims unlike other metal polishes.

Donna Ennis
Eden, Maryland

The Purple Metal Polish is great at taking the buffer marks off of my aluminum. Nothing else I have used works half as well.  The M-Ron Deep Clean is a miracle-worker on paint.

Ken Ruff
Overbrook, Kansas

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