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Dear Sir,
I purchased your M-Ron Glass from Mr. Russ Brown at the Car Craft Summer Nationals in St. Paul MN recently. Mr. Brown had applied the wax in the sun to a display vehicle and I was so impressed that I bought the product and applied it to my car while on display! I could not believe how great this product was. At least 20 people stopped me to ask why I was waxing the car in the sun, I simply had to show them how the M-Ron Glass worked and many of them rushed right for the booth to purchase their own! 

I have attached a couple of pictures to show others the kind of shine you can get. (My car had not been washed in two weeks either!)

Thank you for such a great product!

Dan Parent
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Your Products make our MARMON shine like a star! Love Em'!

Kent and Carol Matuszak
Garland Texas

I consider myself to be very skeptical. When something seems "too good to be true," I always raise a red flag. After speaking with a customer and hearing the rave reviews she gave the product and seeing the money back guarantee, I decided it was worth a try. I now say, "Why didn't I buy this product sooner?" I am simply amazed is the only way to put it. I applied the Aluminum Deoxidizer very minimally then I applied the Purple Metal Polish over the whole area. I hadn't even rubbed much yet and could see a shine showing through! After approximately 10 minutes, I had a result better with these products than any other product after an hour of use.

My Alcoa wheels are about 8 years old. I had previously used another brand of polish and was pleased with the results considering the age of the rims. Now, after using these wonderful products, I will NEVER go back to anything else.

Ease of application, fantastic results, great customer reviews, and a company that stands by its products are GREAT selling points. Thank you for such wonderful service and products!

Alan Moore
Port Norris, New Jersey

Why didn't I know about your Aluminum Deoxidizer and Purple Metal Polish sooner? My Weld wheels were what I considered ruined by someone who "helped me out" and washed my truck, only to use a product on my tires and wheels that left them dull and white-streaked. The products worked very well on my diamond plate as well. What wonderful products!

Sherri Paya
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thanks for the products! This truck is my baby and I use a lot of your products on it.

Carmen Deicke
Danbury, Connecticut

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